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Akaroa Well-being Eco-Safari Tour from Christchurch

​• Dolphins •Alpacas •Penguins

Banks Peninsula, Akaroa Harbour, Flea Bay, and French Peak vineyard

Want to relieve the stresses and worries of everyday life? Then give yourself a break and leave behind life’s pressures, problems and pandemics! This tour is specifically designed with your relaxation and well-being in mind.

What the full tour includes

The "full tour" option includes all three relaxing experiences (plus wine-tasting):

  1. a harbour cruise seeking the rare Hector’s dolphin;
  2. an interactive tour of a high-country alpaca farm;
  3. a nature safari by local conservationists looking after a wild penguin colony near Akaroa

Details of these 3 experiences are provided at the bottom

The Journey

On your journey to Akaroa - courtesy of a luxury 4x4 min-coach - take in the breath-taking scenery of the rugged Banks Peninsula coastline and farmlands. This area is renowned for its rugged topography in a surprisingly sparsely populated district. 

Amongst extensive farm lands, Akaroa’s diverse landscape is a region where conservation areas abound in an area regarded as extremely important for native plants and associated wildlife. In fact, Banks Peninsula has the highest amount of biodiversity than any other part of New Zealand.

Enjoy unique nature safari experiences in the spectacular, award-winning Wild Side Conservation area, involving wild penguins, dolphins and alpacas! Learn about the area’s rich history, native flora and fauna and the area’s unique conservation programs.

To complete your day, enjoy an end-of-day wine tasting (or non-alcoholic beverage) and afternoon platter at the special French Peak vineyard.

Full tour overview

Allow a total journey time of around 9-10 hours, with each individual experience lasting up to 2 hours duration. Your tour is fully inclusive with provision of morning tea,  a special “Akaroa-style” lunch, an afternoon platter with wine tasting, hotel pick-up and drop off and road journey courtesy of an ultra-modern luxury mini-coach

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Other tour booking options

Select your preference

Tailor your one-day tour to include one, two or all three experiences – all options include wine-tasting (non-alcoholic alternative available), morning tea, complimentary Wi-Fi & USB charging! Some options (including the "full" experience) includes a special "Akaroa style" lunch

Choose any 1, or any 2, or all 3 experiences

The full well-being tour incorporates all three experiences: dolphins, alpacas and penguins. Various choices are also available enabling you to tailor your one-day tour to include just one or two experiences - less expensive with more time available to wander around the Akaroa township and surrounds at your own pace. 



The luxurious and comfortable boat has a low-lying profile which means you get closer to the dolphins and other wildlife! The operator holds a Sustainable Marine Mammal Actions in Recreation and Tourism operator permit, requiring operation in a sensitive and responsible manner around dolphins, whales, and seals, to ensure there is minimal impact on the environment and wildlife. 

Enjoy the most spectacular coastal scenery - rugged cliff faces and dramatic panoramic views will take your breath away. Passenger groups are kept small so that you have more room to move around the boat, and enjoy your cruise without overcrowding or missing dolphin sightings due to a shortage of viewing space. 

From the check-in team to the skippers and onboard guides, you’ll be greeted with smiles every step of the way.


Set in a beautiful harbour on the slopes of an extinct volcano and overlooked by craggy volcanic hills, the alpaca farm is near the historic seaside village of Akaroa. The panoramic views of Akaroa harbour and the rolling hills and peaks of the surrounding valleys are absolutely phenomenal! 

After a brief introduction to alpacas and their unique and quirky habits you are able to view the alpaca fleece on display and you get to feel the incredible cashmere like softness of superfine alpaca whilst learning about their amazing qualities. You then proceed to walk through the alpaca herd where you can enjoy interacting with these gentle animals while they graze contentedly in their natural habitat. Even get to feed the mothers with their young by their side - providing some amazing close up alpaca contact and great photos for lasting memories of your visit.


Be greeted by the farm’s, friendly pet sheep and see White-Flippered penguins as the people of Pohatu monitor nesting sites. This is the only place in New Zealand you can easily see penguins' gathering and socializing on the water. You may even be lucky enough to see rehabilitation efforts such as supplemental feedings and swim therapy! 

Pohatu have been conserving the Little Penguins for over 30 years and have 4 conservation awards for their efforts in penguin conservation, protection and monitoring. Francis and Shireen Helps have worked over the last three decades protecting White-flippered Penguins (Eudyptula minor albosignata), Canterbury’s own variant of Australasian Little Penguin. Importantly, spending time with Pohatu helps the preservation of these beautiful birds for future generations!


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