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The revolution in New Zealand farming

Agricultural science has pushed farming beyond what was once thought impossible Observe how over the last fifty years there has been a literal revolution in farming practices and land utilisation. This has left only remnants of some industries whilst others – like dairy farming - have enjoyed a meteoric rise as new technology and science have pushed New Zealand farming beyond anything thought possible only a few decades before. These changes have transformed the landscape and farming practices...

August 10, 2018

Maossie Day Tours - travelling in style!

Maossie Tours has now commenced taking bookings for its brand new feature tour: Lord of the Rings High Country Station Pioneering Experience & Scenic Day Tour (with optional Clydesdale horses wagon ride) We are really excited about this venture and look forward to October 2018 when the first trips commence coinciding with the wonder and freshness of spring time in New Zealand!  All tours will utilize our state of the art 4WD (all wheel drive) Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI extra long wheelbase turbo...

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